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OUR Story

Our Story

Total Gym is a world recognized leader in the manufacturing of functional, bodyweight training exercise equipment for conditioning and rehabilitation. Founded in 1974, the company’s flagship machine was designed to recreate the movements we perform everyday with and against gravity, thereby engaging all muscle groups and allowing for over 200 functional exercises on calibrated levels of incline resistance.

Today, the San Diego-based company’s Total Gym products – used by hospitals, athletic trainers, fitness and sports medicine professionals throughout the world – are recognized as the most effective tools for functional rehabilitation, strength and sports-specific training, injury prevention and overall conditioning.

Originally developed for home fitness use, the company soon discovered that a significant number of sales were to physical therapists, who had realized the benefits of partial weight bearing or ‘unloaded’ training for their patients. Total Gym’s entry into the rehabilitation community brought the company increased credibility and prestige.

In 2009, a groundbreaking rehabilitation study, conducted by researchers at San Diego State University and the University of Toledo’s Health Science Campus, found that the Total Gym incline trainer could be used to accurately measure functional status of patients recovering from lower extremity injuries.

Since the mid 1980’s, Total Gym has supported a philosophy of functional training using dynamic natural movement. This philosophy ensures that our products will always be effective for users of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. The company’s flagship product, a multi-purpose incline trainer has undergone several evolutions since its inception.

Today the complete Total Gym family of products is comprised of two advanced multi-purpose units, the PowerTower and GTS and the Total Gym Elevate Circuit, simple and intuitive single-purpose stations comprising of the Total Gym Core Trainer, Total Gym Leg Trainer, Total Gym Press Trainer, Total Gym Pull-up Trainer, Total Gym Jump Trainer and Total Gym Row Trainer.

As innovators in fitness, Total Gym is always on the future edge, bringing quality and excellence to its products and building its brand worldwide.


  • 2016: Total Gym launches the Total Gym Row Trainer which is the sixth piece in the Total Gym Elevate Circuit.
  • 2015: The Total Gym Jump Trainer joins the Total Gym Elevate Circuit.
  • 2015: The GRAVITY License is introduced to broaden the GRAVITY reach to consumers.
  • 2014: The Total Gym Elevate Circuit expands with the launch of the Total Gym Leg Trainer, the Total Gym Press Trainer and the Total Gym Pull-up Trainer.
  • 2013: Total Gym launches its first single station unit – the Total Gym Core Trainer.
  • 2012: Total Gym deemed “Best in Class for Medical Wellness Training Equipment,” by the Medical Wellness Association which recognizes companies that provided products and services that meet the highest medical wellness standards and guidelines.
  • 2011: Total Gym introduces the new redesigned GTS and PowerTower which both include an adjustable glideboard.
  • 2011: Total Gym launches the Total Gym Foundation Course.
  • 2009: Total Gym is acknowledged in North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy as a reliable and valid tool for measurement of lower extremity performance.
  • 1998: Total Gym is considered standard equipment in rehabilitation and athletic training facilities worldwide.
  • 1994: Total Gym Home Therapy System, model 11000, is designed for post-rehab care and conditioning.
  • 1988: Total Gym receives major recognition in the rehabilitation community for effective early partial weight bearing and closed kinetic chain rehabilitation for physical therapy patients.
  • 1978: Study at Syracuse University confirms that Total Gym’s non-compressive training is a safe and effective exercise modality.
  • 1974: Total Gym, Inc., is established in San Diego, California.

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